lördag 1 mars 2014

To feel lost

"He let go of her and looked down at the compass in his hand. With an easy grip, he grabbed the chain and hung it around his neck. Somehow it was as if she knew – as if she knew the war he fought in silence - even though her knowing of it was impossible. What his heart longed for was a dream too difficult to achieve, especially for someone like Dominique himself.
Evangeline had risen up from the bed to show some new accessories she bought, including a richly decorated hairpin with a fleur-de-lis which she set up her bright golden curls with.
Beautiful Evangeline... He did not deserve a friend like her. She was always so kind-hearted and pure while he was an embittered remnant, a substitute of what has perhaps never been a man. No malice hid in her angelic smile, no jealousy that poisoned her mind, no bitter aftertaste in her sugary words.
No misery.
No despair.
No envy that sat dark traces in her forest green, gorgeous eyes.
It was just Dominique himself who was so depraved that the weak spark that should be in the chest of a young man in the prime of his life slowly faded away to maybe, one day, disappear altogether."

Excerpt from chapter 14 in my novel Golden Winds. Right now I'm halfway in writing the manuscript. I think I will be able to keep the promise I made to myself - to be completely done in august. It's quite hard finding time to write when I have a little daughter to take care of, since I'm writing this novel on my maternity leave I can only write whenever she's asleep. But I'll manage. I will manage.


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