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Character descriptions part II - Dominique Bonhomme

Many of my proof readers have asked me to give a more detailed description of Dominique Bonhomme, captain of the ship of the line, Merveilles. His character is very complex and he is one of the main characters. I don't want to spoil too much for those who have no idea what his part in the story is, but he's very important as he's one of my absolute favourites.

Dominique Bonhomme (Heath Ledger)

Dominique Bonhomme is the son of the famous former captain, Phillipe Bonhomme. Phillipe was known over the world for his charisma, many women and power over the seas. Dominique took part in the crew at the age of 14 and was promoted captain at the age of 21 - two weeks after his fathers sudden death. Just like Levithan Drake, Dominique lost his beloved father way too early. After Phillipes death, Dominique rebuilt the ship and decided only to tend to trading since his heart couldn't take more bloodshed. With a crew of 542 souls, Merveilles is the biggest ship, and young Bonhomme the most storied captain in the world.

Just like his father, Dominique has women in every harbour he visits. Although unlike his father, Dominique doesn't seem to genuinely enjoy it as much as his father did. The crew needs someone to look up to, therefore Dominique, subconsiously, entered the role of the charming captain. And once again, unlike his father, he never speaks of his erotic conquests - simply because he doesn't consider them conquests at all. Dominique is puzzled about his indifferent attitude to it, and doesn't understand why until he meets Levithan Drake - the newest, and youngest, member of the Iron Roses - the very same community of treasure hunters Dominique's father was a member of. The first meeting of Dominique and Levithan shakes him to the core, and he keeps taking bigger and bigger distance from the expectations set for him.

Evangeline Babineaux and Dominique Bonhomme
(Natalie Dormer and Heath Ledger)

Young captain Bonhomme is a very gentle, humble and loving person. He donates a big part of his income to charity such as orphanages and shelters for the homeless - but even so, he's got a solid financial ground to stand on. His looks are always very refined and he's got a stately posture, however he appreciates being able to loosen up whenever he can.
His best friend is called Evangeline Babineaux and is the daughter of the finest confectioners in the brittish harbour town, Sheerborough. Evangeline embark Merveilles since her parents want her to find new, curious spices for their pastries, but the only thing she can ever think about while on board the great ship, is to get Levithan's attention. This is something that really upset Dominique, but he can't understand why jealousy grows bigger in his chest. Evangeline is his best friend and they never had anything more, but everytime she approaches Levithan, Dominique's heart cries.
Once Dominique takes farewell of Levithan and the other Iron Roses, he falls into a personal crisis. He refuse being with women, starts keeping even more to himself and gets even more reticent than before. He figures out the reason for his tantrums and despair, but feel hopelessness when he realize he can't do anything about it. It's too late.


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