måndag 7 april 2014

He's in everything


"They soon found themselves within the walls of the city. Long ago, Voûtes de Pluie had been surrounded by its white stone walls, but the rough hand of time had taken its toll on the once very resolute architecture. This city rested in a perfect harmony of old and new, and despite all the cracks in the facade, there was a mysterious beauty of Voûtes de Pluie. The city's lost memories swept quietly past Levithan, like ghostly shadows, and its echoes layed down still between the old houses and mixed with the voices and movements of the now living inhabitants.
The salty sea breeze caressed Levithan lightly across his cheek as he walked side by side with his peers. Lucien spoke about the city's history and monuments as they passed them by. Lucien had his roots in Voûtes de Pluie and there was a special sheen of cosiness in his furrowed face, he hadn't been at home for a long time. Levithan only listened with one ear as his gaze wandered up to the city's many exquisitely beautiful statues with their flawless faces and the typical, white stone buildings with the decorative stucco decorations that adorned its facades. He couldn't help but draw parables. Parables between Dominique and his hometown. Dominique was the city and the city was Dominique and Levithan could see him in everything. The cryptic glances of the pale stone faces, the mystique of the low whispers the wind brought, the beauty of the imaginative shapes in the vegetation -perfectly crafted by nature- but he especially saw him in the fragility. Because just like the city, Dominique was as frail as crisp autumn leaves, despite the resolute wall of defense he had built."

(Excerpt from Golden Winds, chapter XV)


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  1. You're very talented! I hope this becomes a book one day. I would definitely read it!

    1. Thank you so very much, your words are filling me with warmth!