onsdag 13 november 2013

No white pages..

Yesterday I completed one more chapter and I really feel like I'm getting closer, word by word, sentence by sentence. To see the pages full of black letters really spurs me. It's really starting to feel like I will succeed with this.
I can't even express how much my heart aches for an authentic authorship. My very soul thirsts for it and the very thought of making a debut with a book that depicts this delicate matter, truly awakens my fighting spirit.

I've already got a whole lot of hate mails from narrow minded people, trying to make me stop writing about this. To be honest I've lost count of those mails. "Being gay is an abomination", they say, but their attempts to make me stop writing just keep backfiring. The more hate mails I get, the more eager I get to actually finnish this book and doing my best to get it published.

Love is a beautiful thing and I will not let anyone preach me otherwise.
If I can reach out to anyone, even if only to one person, my work will be accomplished.
Then I have succeeded.


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