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Character descriptions Part I - Levithan Drake

"Golden Winds" is a fictional novel, however I have found some of my own attributes in a couple of the characters. I think I can say that the main character, Levithan Drake, seems to be a total reflection of myself. I realized our similarites months after I started writing this story, so getting to know this man has been very interesting. I've finally understood that the individuals I'm writing about really do exist, in an emotional way, deep within me. By saying this it feels wrong to say I made them up, since I can feel their presence right here, inside.. Just like real people, just like you and me.
I've promised my faithful readers that I will give a small description of most of the characters, so I will start doing just that. I will borrow pictures from the internet to show a concept of their roughly looks and appearances.
Levithan Drake (Daniel Radcliffe)

Levithan Drake is a 23-year old doctor's apprentice, living in Richefort Creek together with his tuberculosis infected father, Arthur. He's very talented in medicine and is on the edge of surpassing his mentor, dr.John Quercus. Levithan constantly discovers new cures, to the small town residents delight, however one cure he keep fail to produce, is the cure for tuberculosis.
These setbacks really drain on him and his self-hatred keeps growing bigger after each failure.

Levithan is very introvert. At the age of 16 he lost his mother to fever. His father worked for the court and was constantly away from Levithan and his mother before he got infected with this horrible disease. Therefore, Levithan lived basically on his own for five years after his mother passed away since his father was rarely at home. When Levithan was 21 years old, his father came home to stay forever.

The Drake family is very wealthy, they never had to worry about their finances. Levithan is also very popular among the ladies and has spent nights with quite a few, but he's disappointed in not having found anything deeper and more meaningful than those moments. His wealth is one of the reasons to why the local women are attracted to him - to secure their future. Levithan sees through this and thus grown tired of "the love nonsense".

He is very shy, he's very quiet. He prefers just staying at home to study medicine and experiment with different plants and herbs to extract more secrets of how to cure different diseases. Even though he's extremely talented, Levithan is constantly a victim of self-doubt and therefore really needs to hone in on his self-confidence which he, hopefully, will find.


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