onsdag 12 augusti 2015

To breathe

"The leatherbound journals were carefully placed in a pile next to the inkwell. On top of the sea chart one of them lay open, naked and exposed with black strokes swirling alongside its ivory sheets. Reading someones personal writings was something Levithan found strictly forbidden, it opposed all his principals no matter how tempting it would be to break them. He turned around with a quick, innocent glance on the page, but his gaze got stuck. The finical penmanship of the title was flawless, and depicted its contents in the most alluring way. Levithan's heart skipped a beat when he saw his own name written above the poem in the captain's journal. He leaned forward and defied his own strict tenet.

I want to run again,

carefree and at ease
across dewless grasslands
with the subtle strokes against
this pale skin of mine

I want to run again
blissfully bewildered
beneath the incessant vault of glistening stars
seeking redemption in these
black orbs of glass

I want to run again,
perfectly untamed
through the equally savaged universe
making love
until night devours our tranquil minds
hushing us to sleep with motherly lullabies

I want to run again,
I want to run,
I want to.

(Excerpt from chapter 20, GW)
- Tristan Tesch

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  1. You're a master of cliffhangers! You bastard! :P
    I want to know MORE.

    1. Haha, I do love cliffhangers! But only if I'm the one who's behind them..