onsdag 4 juni 2014


The high waves drifted Levithan further and further away from Merveilles and the distant voices shouting in despair after the two young men who had fallen overboard. The salt water darkened his view and he was in total darkness, but despite the fear of what monsters could possibly dwell in the depths of these waters, he never gave up the thought of finding Dominique. However, Levithans's physical forces was nothing compared to the forces of the ocean. The water found its way into his lungs more and more after each wave and the feeling that his time had come became increasingly evident. The thought of sinking cold and lifeless into the depths made him nauseous. Was this the end?
At the moment he realized he was alone and probably would die, the lightnings of the storm lit up the otherwise dark ocean. There, about ten feet away, he could discern Dominique's struggling silhouette against the powerful forces of nature. With all the powers Levithan had left, he braved the storm, stroke by stroke that barely drove him forward, but by sheer willpower he managed to finally reach him. He took a strong grip around Dominique's arm, and no power in the world could tear them apart.

Excerpt from chapter XVII in Golden Winds. (Beware of flaws - since the original manuscript is written in swedish.)

I filled up yet another note book with all my notes, scribbles and ideas and I've written about 3/4 of the actual book. I will definitely be able to finnish until my deadline in december. It will take a lot of courage to actually send it to a publisher, but I've always wanted to be a writer, more than anything. I've always been writing but this project is the very first I'm actually sharing with people. Mainly because I think it's time.

Here I am.


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